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Some Kind Words

by Kenny Hill on 03/18/14

"As you may have heard, former and honorary member of The Quakes, Kenny Hill has a new band called The Blackjackits. They have released their debut self titled album and its available now. Why am I telling you this? Has Kenny paid me? No!

I’m telling you because this album is great! I really believe in this album.

If you don’t like songs like “Don’t tell me” “Carlene” “Doors and Keys” “Survival”and “You are my weakness”, then I can’t help you.....

I have a feeling that if you like The Quakes that you are going to like this also.

Kenny has been working on this album for a long time. He played all the instruments himself and produced it. We just played with them in their home town of San Diego and they are great live also.The live band features Kyle Olson on slap bass formerly of the Rezurex and Manny Lutz on drums.

Do it now!"

-Paul Roman

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The Blackjackits