The Blackjackits was created by singer Kenny Hill alongside the psychobilly boom of the early 2000’s. The Blackjackits launched a Myspace page in 2007 that had early versions of "Carlene", "Drown In My Youth", and other songs that eventually were included in the self titled record. The Blackjackits intermesh different artistic influences with layers of emotion that create a distinct, blended, focused conceptualism that is what Kenny calls, “SlapWave”. The Blackjackits have always been a three piece band from southern California. They are a distinct mixture of punk, newave, and dark melancholic melodies that bend traditional conceptions of psychobilly.
    In 2005 Those Rock 'N’ Bullets was formed when Kenny was in high school with drummer John Eddington and bass player Matt Westcott. Those Rock ’N’ Bullets recorded several demos. One of which included an early version of Blackjackit anthem “Drown In My Youth”. In late 2006, Kenny shifted his focus to bass playing when he joined The Quakes in late 2006, early 2007.
    In mid 2007, Those Rock ’N’ Bullets changed their name to The Blackjackits and consisted of: Kenny Hill - Guitar/Vocals, Vic Yamasaki (Barnyard Ballers) Slap Bass, and childhood friend Mike Garcia on Drums. The Blackjackits played their first show at the Key Club in Hollywood — supporting The Quakes.
    During Kenny’s residency in The Quakes, The Blackjackits continuously toured southern California. In late 2008, Kenny put the Blackjackits on hold for a few years to pursue his degree in liberal arts and sciences and other musical endeavors including The Regime, a punk band with long time friend, Todd Allen of Squarecrow. During this era, Kenny continued to write, record and perfect what would become the reverb drenched first record.
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    In 2010, The Blackjackits first self titled record was nearing completion. Inspired by DIY psychobilly records of the times especially records like Psyops, Kenny decided to finish tracking the record at home and mix/master the record at Afterhours Studio with friend & owner/engineer, Jon Hasz in Ramona California. In anticipation of a record release show; Kenny called upon neighbour and Chula Vista native, Kyle Olsen aka Kro, known for his time in Rezurex, Altar Relics and Hard Fall Harts. In 2011, Manny Lutz, formerly of Altar Relics, was recruited to play drums.
    In 2014 Kenny finished mastering the first record and released it as their self-titled record. The record was self released on Hippicrit Records and made notable impressions . After countless shows supporting the record, Kyle & Manny unexpectedly left the band shortly before a European tour. The tour was canceled and Kenny immediately put The Blackjackits on hiatus while writing and recording The Blackjackits second full length record.
    In 2018 Kenny reconnected with drummer James Meza in Las Vegas. James, who has been in bands such as Tiger Army, Rezurex, and Nekromantix is known for his strong/hard hitting drumming style came onboard. Shortly thereafter, Zander Griffith of The Torrents  joined on slap bass. The Blackjackits are currently in the studio finishing what will be their second full length record.
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