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Who Are The Blackjackits?

The Blackjackits started in 2007 during Kenny's involvement in The Quakes. In 2018 James Meza joined followed by Zander Griffith. The Blackjackits are a blend of punk, newave, and psychobilly.

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Blackjackits Facts

Correct spelling - "The Blackjackits"

Day jobs include but not limited to; working with high voltage transformers, performing brain scans and repairing various instruments.   

The Blackjackits release records on (Hippicrit Records).

Coined the term "SlapWave" which best describes The Blackjackits sound. 

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Official Videos 
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Photo by - Melissa Gibbons.
Photo by - Melissa Gibbons.
Photo by - Melissa Gibbons.
For live videos visit our YouTube Channel HERE.
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